What to Expect from Big Theatre Festivals

If you love theatre, then chances are that you are always looking forward to the next big theatre festival. If you have never attended a theatre festival, you should certainly add it to your list of things to do.

There are many things that happen at theatre festivals, including the following:

New Talent and Productions Are Showcased

Theatre festivals usually have a session in which people who are in the industry can showcase what they have been working on.

Here, you will get to see very interesting shows by both new entrants and veterans. There are even festivals in which productions are judged by a panel of critics.

This can be very interesting for those who are just entering the theatre industry, and want to learn about what it takes to be in an award-winning production.

People Can Socialise and Network

Along with the activities that happen inside the hall, theatres also have sessions in which people can socialise and network. On the side, you will often find evening cocktail parties.

If there are no scheduled events to facilitate networking, you can always take the initiative and reach out to those you meet.

Introduce yourself and start up a conversation. You never know who could become a new friend, or who might introduce you to new opportunities.

Fine Dining Is Generally Available

When it comes to festivals, it is never just about watching productions and learning about theatre. A lot of effort and thought also goes into the food.

If it is an international or regional festival, you will find cuisines from different parts of the world. Such events typically bring in chefs who are well-versed in cooking for people of different cultures.

Do not limit yourself to eating only what you are familiar with. Try out foods from different places. You may be surprised to discover something new and delicious that you never knew existed.

You can learn a lot about a people’s culture by the foods they eat.

You Can Find Mentorships/Training

There are some festivals that will devote a session or two to training upcoming artists on best practices when it comes to production.

Such workshops are always led by veterans who have long been in the industry. It is during such seminars that young people can find mentors who can nudge them in the right direction.

At workshops, one also has the chance to partner up with likeminded people in the theatre production industry.