If you are fun of cultured plays, you must be aware of how it feels to miss out on a play you learnt about too late and couldn’t manage to alter your plans to attend. Also, with different organisers putting out calls for different festivals every new day, it is very easy to miss out on something that speaks more to your heart. Our work is to ensure both fans and organisers don’t miss out on what’s trending in the industry.

For organisers, putting up a festival is no meant feat, it calls for diligence, dedication, and sometimes putting in more hours than you had planned. This is the reason we exist to help you navigate through the different stages of planning a festival. Whether big or small, such events call for proper planning. We have provided valuable tips for both first-time organisers as well as experienced ones looking for fresh ideas.

Ours is a perfect mix of passion and the desire to ensure anyone else out there who loves to have fun as we do, gets to know what is happening and where it is happening. We don’t stop it at that, we understand every fun is different and what speaks to one fan’s heart could be different from another. For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for fans as well as organisers.

What We do

Putting an event together whether small or big, can be time-consuming, we are here to help you do that in the most efficient way.

From tips on pulling off the best festival ever, to helping you meet all the needs of those attending, we promise to provide you with the much needed company and information right from the planning process to the D-day. For organisers, we have broken down what it takes to put together both outdoor and indoor festivals. Our simple guide is well researched and compiled out of many great tips gathered from the best the industry has to offer.

We also understand different festivals offer different forms of entertainment to fans, we have compiled a list of the different categories of festivals and what to expect from them. Every type of festival has its own unique needs and requirements to live up to its theme and people’s expectations, we have provided valuable tips on organising different types of festivals.

We know theatre production festivals, especially, call for meticulous planning to align to the participant’s goals, we have drawn a simple guide to help organisers ensure the needs of those attending are well catered for. There are great insights on coming up with a proper budget for such an event and the different ways to make money from them.